Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mission President's Seminar, October 2014

We had the blessing of having our Mission President's Seminar in Palmyra, NY this year. We LOVED driving in upstate New York and seeing all the beautiful fall leaves. The rolling hills of yellow, orange, green, and red were breath taking.

Seeing all the Mission Presidents in the North America Northeast Area is such a blessing every 6 months. This time we were thrilled to have Elder Jeffery R. Holland at the seminar. Being instructed by him for 3 days was pretty amazing. We loved listening and learning from him and all our leaders.
Elder Holland and President Mark and Karlan Richards
Elder Steve Allen and his wife, from the mission department
We spent a beautiful autumn afternoon at the Smith Family Farm and the Sacred Grove. We learn so much for the wonderful Presidents and Sisters in our area. They are talented and insightful leaders.
We love the little log home that the Smith's lived in and the feeling that is there.
We have visited Palmyra a few times as a family. Years ago, we stood in the tiny loft of that cabin, where 9 children of Lucy Mack and Joseph Smith Sr. slept.  We asked, "If Joseph Smith was sharing a bed with 2-3 other boys and if all his brother's and sister's were sleeping in the same place, why didn't anyone wake up when Joseph Smith had the Angle Moroni visit him three times during the night?" This sweet young sister missionary told us, "It just goes to show, that even in a very crowded place, it's possible to have a very personal, spiritual experience."

Our Mission President's Class of 2012: The Leavitts, the Valingas, the Calderwoods, the Wirthlins, the Riggs, The Richards, The Parkards, the Morgans
Kevin and Sydnee Calderwood

Paul and Jane Driggs Taggert

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
Elder Holland bearing testimony of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove

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