Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 2015

It's been a beautiful month in New York.  The New York New York North mission never stops running! From sun up to sun down there is always a million things going on, a hundred phone calls to answer, and a billion blessings to enjoy. We'ree thrilled that these beautiful hydrangea have bloomed again in our yard.

We had Elder Baldwin join our mission family this month. He is from Arizona and will be speaking Portuguese. He is a really nice young man and will be a great missionary.

We said a fond goodbye to Sister Whitney Larsen. She has been a good missionary and is a beautiful young lady. We wish her all the best!

We went to Manhattan this month to enjoy a fireside from Mr. Alex Boye. He has an amazing conversion story and shared some beautiful music with the Manhattan stake.

We love watching our missionaries teach and share the gospel. Each Elder and Sister brings a special gift and talent in the way they teach. We are blessed to have been a part of some lessons.
Sister Rodriquez and Sister Gardner teaching in White Plains

Elder Steiner and Elder Coburn invited us to a lesson with Stephanie. This darling young lady is very accomplished and sweet. She has read the Book of Mormon and is studying about the gospel.
We are also thrilled to have Sister Taylor Hubbard and Elder Kody Wilson return to us this month.

We welcomed 8 new missionaries in June. These fine young Elder's and Sisters will bless the lives of many in the NYNYN.

Sister Hubbard, Sister Jones, Sister Wang, Sister Hislop, Sister Sam, Sister Vassau, Elder Rivera, Elder Wilson, Elder Reyes, Elder McBride
We said good-bye to 21 missionaries. We also will miss Elder and Sister Colton and Elder and Sister Wilson. The Colton's have been working with the UN and Government Relations and the Wilson's have worked hard in the office overseeing the mission apartments. They each have been Loyal to the core and worked hard every day. We love them all. We also wish them success in all that lies ahead.

Elders Diaz-Vita, Geisel, Fotheringham, Henriques, Diaz, Richards, Johnson, Thompson, Wagner, Longo, Schneider, Duvall, Burr, Stafford, Ficklin and Critchfield. Sisters O'Rullian, Rodriquez, Orme, Udy and Neilson.
We were able to go the Bethel Woods to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. The evening was wonderful despite of the pouring rain, wind and cold temps.

We love seeing our returning missionaries reunited with their families. We had Elder Longo, Elder Diaz, Elder Geisel and Elder Duvall's family's come greet their sons at the mission home. These are sweet reunions to be a part of.

This month would not be complete without a few pictures of our amazing Assistants. Elder Keni Reid and Elder Spencer Gore are super young man. They are dedicated to their callings. They're happy to serve and teach and love each missionary. These incredible men will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Senior Missionary outing at West Point

We spent a beautiful summer day at West Point with our Senior Missionaries. We missed Elder and Sister Sowby, Elder and Sister Goo and Sister Spencer who couldn't be with us. We had a private tour from Brother Sherman Fleek. Brother Fleek is the Historian for West Point and a member of the West Point Branch. He knows everything about the West Point Military Academy and it was wonderful to listen to him. We enjoyed dinner together at a local restaurant and then attended a concert at Trophy Point, featuring the West Point Military Band. We love these Senior Missionaries. They work so hard and are dedicated to their service in the New York New York North Mission.

We have come to love West Point. It is steeped in history, respect and love for our country.

The West Point Military Band