Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Interview Selfies, Round II

Interview selfies were such a hit last time with everyone that President Morgan had to do it again! But now, thanks to Sister Boseman and Sister Hall, he has his own "selfie stick"! We LOVE these amazing young missionaries! President Morgan loves interview time!

Thanks for the Selfie Stick Sister Boseman and Sister Hall!

General Conference Waffle Party

Every 6 months between sessions of General Conference we invite the Westchester Zone to come and eat waffles! This has been a fun tradition in our mission. President Morgan stuffs the missionaries with waffles, calling them a baby, wimps, or lame sauce, if they can only eat 2 waffles! Some missionaries are lucky enough to be "2 timers" if they have been in our area for at least 6 months.
You know it's time to eat when President puts on his apple apron!
Grandpa Byron Fisher's homemade waffle recipe is always a huge hit! When you feed hungry missionaries, you just have to 12 times his recipe!!

These Elders are going to be sick, they ate so many waffles!
We love Sister Gardner, our mission historian!

Blair and Sue Garff joined us this morning from the Westchester 1st ward.

"He ate 7 waffles!!"