Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Mission Activities


Our first arriving missionaries

We hit the ground running.....

Elder Berube, Elder Blonquist, Elder Davidson, Elder Edmunds, Elder Fuller, Elder Higbee, Elder McEachern, Elder Monson, Elder Ochoa, Elder Pawlowski, Elder Passmore, Elder Pickard, Elder Potter, Elder Richards, Elder Berryman, Elder Taylor, Elder Zander, and Elder Zazueta joined the mission in August.


 They come and they go.......

Elder Fan, Elder Garvin, Elder Dees, Elder Lawrence, Elder Craig, Elder Martin, Elder Hardy, Elder Nevitt, Elder Allen, Elder Bussard, Elder Adams, Elder Shepard, Elder Barton, (missing Sister Sanders and Sister Rodriquez), and President Morgan & the APs (Elder Dietz-Hermosa & Elder Ward).

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 2012

Enjoying our first P-day in New York with our wonderful assistants Elder Ward and Elder Hermosa

At the Westchester County Airport. All our missionaries fly into this little airport. We are so excited to meet these new missionaries!
August 14, 2012 brought 18 new missionaries to the NYNYN mission!

We didn't get a picture of them all together; but these are the Elders that came...Elder Berube, Elder Blonquist, Elder Zander, Elder Pawlowski, Elder Fuller, Elder McEachern, Elder Passmore, Elder Higbee, Elder Edmunds, Elder Potter, Elder Davidson, Elder Richards, Elder Taylor, Elder Monson, Elder Ochoa, Elder Zazueta, Elder Pickard, Elder Berryman

Then returning home were...Sister Sanders, Sister Rodriquez, Elders Craig, Hardy, Dees, Bussard, Fan, Martin, Garvin, Lawrence, Adams, Allen, Shepard, Barton,and Nevitt.
Well done thou good and faithful servant!
We love our office couples. The Merrill's and the Denison's have helped to make our transition here a snap. They are wonderful people and better friends! Thank you for helping us to feel so welcome and loved!
The end of August were our first Zone Conferences. What a treat to have our area doctor and his wife here with us. Elder and Sister Sanders.
We LOVED meeting with all of our missionaries in Zone Conferences. We have the best missionaries!!