Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

September 2014 started off to be one of the BEST months ever! Our son Elder Peter Morgan came home from Concepcion, Chile having served his mission. After writing on our Blog about all the hundreds of missionaries that have come to our mission and left to return to their homes, we get to write a little bit about our own missionary!
Peter left for his mission in September 2012 at just 18 years old. Other missionaries called him the "Baby Missionary". While at the MTC, President Monson's announcement came for the age change. Peter was thrilled to be leading the 18 year olds that would be serving the Lord. As he completed his mission, our sons Jared, Parker and Ryan were able to go to Chile and spend a week with Peter. They all loved seeing their brother in the mission and really enjoyed meeting so many people that have been touched by Pete's testimony of the gospel.
Having Peter back home has been a real blessing!

We're so blessed to have our boys back from Chile.
Best surprise ever!!! Seeing Baby Grey for the first time!
Elder Gleason and Peter were friends in High School.

Walking down our lane to hve Peter released.
 We had another huge transfer this month. 26 new missionaries arrived!!
Sister Cookson, Sister Newsom, Sister Ponce, Sister Garcia, Sister Millett, Sister Ek, Sister Ballou, Sister Hill, Sister White, Sister Alexander, Sister Smith, Sister Smart, Sister Boud. Elder Buckley, Elder Lyons, Elder Larkin, Elder Leishman, Elder Hill, Elder Celaya, Elder Dutson, Elder Tanner, Elder Holloway, Elder Forbush, Elder Merrell, Elder Wilson, Elder L'Esperance, Elder Hansen.

Ryan aka Elder Wilson

Elder Wilson loads and unloads luggage and drives all over the mission on transfers.

One piece of luggage destroyed isn't too bad! Delta Airlines gave Sister Smith a new suitcase!

It's always nice to get these new missionaries home for a great dinner. We love spending time with them and getting to know them.
They come and they go. We said good-bye to only  9 missionaries this month. Elder Jensen returned home to have his knee operated on. His faithful service in our mission will remembered for a long time.

We had our Area Medical Adviser come for a weekend visit. Elder Dale and Sister Nancy Braithwaite are kind and good people.
We enjoyed a fun, delicious dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem with the ASL District. These are great young men, who work hard and support each other.
Elder Coleman, Elder Staheli with Peter and Ryan at dinner.

Elder Holloway, Elder Fotheringham, Elder Filoso, Elder Tanner

Pretty good BBQ!!
We also shared a great family night with President Kevin and Sydnee Calderwood of the NYNYS mission and their girls. They have become wonderful friends while we have both been serving.

These fabulous missionaries returned to their homes and families this month. Loyal to the CORE and ready for everything that awaits them.
Sister Makanesi, Sister Brog, Elder Vanner, Elder Poulsen, Elder and Sister Clark, Elder and Sister Christensen, Sister Laititi, Sister Bloxham, Sister Miller, Sister Jensen

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