Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

April is a beautiful time in New York! The trees and bushes are starting to bloom. The weather is getting warmer, and the daylight is lasting longer. We are so grateful for the promise of spring after a long winter. April is a wonderful time to reflect on the life and resurrection of our Savior. "I know that my Redeemer lives", brings us all great comfort.
This April has been full of so many wonderful blessings. We had our Mission Presidents Seminar in Washington DC, we had a new couple come, (the Clarks from Calgary Canada), and we were all blessed to watch General Conference. Our good friend, and Stake President in the Westchester Stake, Jeff Taylor helped to produce 2 amazing videos for this Easter Season. Our missionaries have used these videos over and over to help teach the gospel in their lessons.
Starting today, what will you do to make this world a better place?
Because of Him, our lives have been richly blessed. His message is pure, His gospel is true, and because of Him, we all will live again.

We were so blessed to have our Mission Presidents Seminar this month. The North America Northeast Area presidents and wives met in Washington DC. We were blessed to be instructed by Elder L. Tom Perry, Elder Gifford Nielsen, Elder Hallstrom, Elder Perkins, and Elder Rasband and their wives. We love our area mission presidents and their wives and we feel so lucky to be serving with all of them.
The National Cathedral in Washington DC
President Mark and Karlan Richards, Baltimore Maryland Mission
Sister Barbara Perry and Sister Morgan
We are excited to welcome Elder Ross and Sister Anna Clark to our mission. They will be serving in Harlem as an MLS couple. They are from Calgary, Canada. We were able to take them to dinner, with the assistants and a few other missionaries to Sylvia's Soul Food in Harlem for dinner.
Chicken and waffles
Elder and Sister Clark and the Morgans
Every 6 months between the Sunday sessions of General Conference we have the Westchester Zone for waffles. It's been a fun tradition for our mission.
We had 12 new missionaries join us this month. Each new missionary brings their own talents and personalities to the mission. We love meeting them at the airport and having them stay in the mission home that evening. The next morning they get their I-pads and have some instruction, then it's off to transfers.
Sister Lotito had been sick at the MTC and joined us just a week after transfers. She is a darling missionary from Chile and we are thrilled to have her here with us.
Area book, Planner, Facebook, using technology to teach the gospel is such a blessing.
Elder Christensen, Elder Kuo, Elder Segura, Elder Brown, Elder Haycock, Elder Palakiko, Elder Hoganson, Sister Hobbs, Sister Eastman, Sister Amorim, Sister Keeling
City Transfers
Elder Taylor conducting transfer meeting
Meeting your new companion
Elder Kerr conducting the upstate transfer meeting
Upstate transfers
Sister Awerkamp meeting Sister Amorim for the first time
"When such a friend from us departs, We hold forever in our hearts,
A sweet and hallowed memory, bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee."
We are so thankful for these faithful missionaries who returned home this transfer. They have served well and worked hard.
Elder Sherman, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Witbeck, Elder Potter, Elder Fox, Elder Zander, Elder Blonquist, Sistery Dalley, Sister Barker, Sister Valdez
NYNY NORTH****Loyal to the core!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Secialty Training April 2014

We had a wonderful Specialty Training Meeting today (April 21, 2014) all about Faith. We had 6 zones meet in the morning at the Lincoln Center Chapel and we had the other 5 zones meet in the afternoon at the Ossining Chapel. The Assistants both conducted the meetings and shared their testimonies. Elder Kerr said, "Faith allows miracles to occur and prayers to be answered." President Morgan gave a beautiful talk about being a more faithful missionary. He challenged our mission to have 100 baptisms in the next 6 weeks. He said, "When we invite others to come unto Christ, it implies that we are already there." There is a Jewish saying that states, "Entrances into holiness are everywhere." When our missionaries have more faith, they can say that wherever they are, is a holy place. We should all stand in holy places."
Faith in Jesus Christ can and ought to be a natural thing to us, because faith can empower courage. President Morgan continued to say, "Our expectations ought to be limitless, not limited." President Kimball said, "Make no small plans, for they have no magic to stir mens souls." Our goals should represent our desires. The challenge of 100 baptisms came with some inspired questions. What will you do? How will you plan? Who will you teach? How will you demonstrate your faith?
We are excited for the coming weeks and we are so blessed to have these faithful missionaries in the New York New York North Mission!
Sister Rodriquez, Sister Oluwalana, Sister Bloxham, Sister Wankier
Elder Hurst, Elder Smith, Elder Gore, Elder Powell
Sister Chan, Sister Astle, Sister MacKay
Elder Passmore, Elder Warner
Sister Bush, Sister Barker, Sister Matthews, Sister Bolton, Sister Barlow, Sister Lounsbury
Sister Hoyos, Sister Jensen, Sister Jensen, Sister Groberg, Sister Laititi, Sister Dunn, Sister Skinner
Sister Bloxham, Sister Smoot
Elder Murray, Elder Christensen, Elder Blonquist, Elder Zander, Elder Leung, Elder Cook
Elder McEachern, Elder Lewis
Elder Barberan, Elder Sorensen, Elder Hausenfluck
Elder Aston, Elder Longo, Elder Fronk
Elder Barberan
Elder Staheli, Elder Sorensen, Elder Steiner. Elder Allred, Elder Rydalch
Elder Smith, Elder Diaz, Elder Aston
Sister Makanesi
Elder Buckley, Elder Diaz, Elder Christensen, Elder Smith
Sister Smoot, Elder Murphy
Sister Chen, Sister Chan, Sister Palmer, Sister Astle, Sister Lee, Sister MacKay
Elder Sorensen, Sister Rodriquez, Elder Tancayo
Elder Wang, Elder Neuerburg, Elder Ross, Elder Ishikawa, Elder Warner, Elder Cruz
Sister Valdez, Sister Burley, Sister Mitchell
Sister Roberts
Elder Steiner, Elder Staheli, Elder Berryman, Elder Potter
Elder Rydalch, Elder Sherman, Elder Nelson
Elder Rydalch, Elder Hausenfluck, Elder Taylor, Elder Kroff,  Elder Thompson
Elder Allred, Elder Romo, Elder Kohli
Elder Pawlowski: Every missionary LOVES mail!
Elder Taylor, Elder Richards
Elder Aston
Elder Passmore, Elder Fox
The Dynamic Duo: Elder Richards, Elder Fox
Elder Berube, Elder Murphy
Elder Tancayo, Elder Longo, Elder Berryman, Elder Kroff, Elder Fronk
Elder Garibay, Elder Paiz

Elder Atkinson
Sister Jensen, Sister Hoyos, Sister Laititi, Sister Makanesi
Sister Livingston, Sister Card, Sister White, Sister Dong
Elder Hofheins, Elder Lopez-Carpio, Elder Higbee, Elder Gleason, Elder Torgersen
Elder Richards, Elder Gleason, Elder Schneider, Elder Coburn, Elder Pickard
Elder Kerr, Elder Jensen
Elder Schneider, Elder Monson
Sister Smith, Sister Baker, Sister Hall, Sister Larson
Sister Kim, Sister Toronto, Sister Crawford, Sister Richeson, Sister Barker, Sister Dalley
Sister Ng, Sister Orme, Sister White, Sister Dong, Elder Jessee, Elder Bellon
Elder Schoenfeld, Elder Hofheins, Elder Wang
Sister Nielson, Sister Hall
Elder Richards, Elder Henriques, Elder Whittaker
Elder Ritter, Elder Burr
Elder Jensen, Elder Palmer, Elder Gagnon, ElderCoburn
Elder Edmunds
Elder Palmer, Elder Gagnon
Elder Burr, Elder Diaz-Vita, Elder Atwood
Elder Burr, Elder Diaz Vita, Elder Whittaker, Elder Atwood, Elder Henriques, President Morgan
Elder Johnson, Elder Beardall, Elder Wang
Elder Long , Elder Sprunt, Elder Schoenfled, Elder Porter
Elder Ficklin, Elder Alivio, Elder Witbeck, Elder Sevy
Elder Durham, Elder Palmer, Elder Duvall
Sister Steele, Sister Weyandt, Sister Mary Jo Christensen
 Elder Jensen
Elder Miller, Elder Critchfield, Elder Gamble
Elder Bailey, Elder Sato, Elder Snow, Elder Lee
Sister Awerkamp, Sister Westlund, Elder Kerr, Sister Wilkes, Sister Aleccia
Sister Westlund, Sister Udy, Sister O'Rullian
Elder Edmunds, Elder Fuller, Elder Orellana, Elder Porter
Elder Reid, Elder Encarnacion, Elder Longmore
Sister Brown, Sister Randell, Elder Radford, Elder Thatcher
Elder Lopez-Carpio, Sister Miller, Sister Cole, Elder Lee
Elder Sato, Elder Higbee
Elder Geisel
Sister Ng, Sister Tirado, Sister Dodson, Sister Orme
Sister Toronto, Sister Kim
Elder Cloward, Elder Vanner
Sister Maw, Sister Hansen
Sister Ngosha, Sister Richeson
Elder Hofheins, Elder Hunt
Sister Ngosha, Sister Fansler
Sister White, Sister Barker, Sister Liao, Sister Dong
Sister Holdaway, Sister Card
Elder Jensen, Elder Wangsgard
Elder Gagnon, Elder Coburn, Elder Bellon, Elder Snow
Sister Smith, Elder Alivio, Elder Witbeck, Elder Porter, Elder Sprunt
Elder Monson, Elder Sister Sorensen, Sister Brog, Sister Boseman, Sister Hall

Sister Morgan, Sister Sorensen, Sister Brog
Elder Durham, Elder Fuller
Elder Shurtleff, Elder Burr, Elder Duvall
Elder Ficklin, Elder Critchfield, Elder Pickard, Elder Delahunty, Elder Gleason,
Elder Wagner, Elder Miller
Elder Taylor, Elder Poulsen
Sister Kim, Sister Toronto, Sister Liao
Elder Durham, Elder Gamble, Elder Gleason
Sister Smith, Sister Larson, Sister Brog, Sister O'Rullian, Sister Awerkamp
Elder McCulloch, Elder Richards, Elder Wang
Sister Steele
Elder Scholenfeld, Elder Sprunt, Elder Reid, Elder Porter
Sister Sorensen, Sister Brog, Sister Boseman, Sister Hall, Sister Nielson
Elder Marshall

In the New York New York North Mission we have 11 zones. These zones are Chinatown, Manhattan South,
Manhattan Central, Manhattan North, Olmstead, Kingsbridge, Westchester, Stamford, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie, and Newburgh. Today we have 259 missionaries!