Monday, October 27, 2014

New missionary training for September and October 2014

After new missionaries have been here for about 2 weeks we bring them and their trainers to Scarsdale for some training. It's great to see their progress in just 2 weeks.
September New Missionaries
Sisters: Cookson, Newsom, Ponce, Garcia, Millett, EK, Ballou, Hill, White, Alexander, Smith,  Smart, Boud
Elders: Buckley, Lyons, Larkin, Leishman, Hill, Celeya, Dutson, Tanner, Hollaway, Forbush, Merrill, Wilson, L'Esperance, Hansen

October New Missionaries
Sisters: Hubbard, Kovac, Forbes, Morgan, McClure, Hancock, Pressley
Elders: Richards, Freebairn, Nauman, Glick, Oldroyd

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