Sunday, February 1, 2015

Senior Missionaries Pot Luck Lunch

On a cold wintery day in January we had all the Senior Missionaries come to the mission home for a pot luck lunch. These amazing Senior Missionaries work so hard and give so much, to help our mission. We're grateful for each and every one of them! We're so lucky to have so many faithful seniors serving in the NYNYN. Our Senior Missionary assignments include: Member Leadership Support, Family History, Public Relations, United Nations Government Relations, Records Preservation, Military Relations, Employment Center, Church Education Systems, Apartment Coordinators, Vehicle Coordination, Mission Historian, Mission Secretary and Finance Secretary. We couldn't run the mission without these wonderful people! We are grateful every day for their dedicated service.
Tom and Elisabeth Hanson

Stephen and Laurie Sowby

Bill and Dianne Powell

Terry and Marilyn Lotz

Paul and Lois Waterman

John and Barbara Colton

Karen Finlay and Flossie Spencer

Roy and JoAnne Hunt
Jim and Flo Wilson
Roger and Sue Ladle

Charlie and Helen Goo
Po-Wo and Xiu-Hua Hsieh
Ann Terry and Judith Jansen

Henry and Colleen Gardner

We missed Elder David and Sister Rebecca Melonakos today. They are a great couple who serve in the CES and Pathways program.

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  1. So wonderful to see so many senior missionaries in your (our!) mission! Today, March 18, 2015, my wife and I received a call to the NYNYN mission. We couldn't be happier. We will serve as member and leader support missionaries. Our previous missions were to Peru (where I served in my youth) and Spain. We look forward to meeting you. We enter the MTC on July 20.