Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 2015

It's hard to believe that another new year is here. 2014 brought so many blessings to our mission. We look forward to 2015. We started off the New Year by saying goodbye to 22 of our amazing missionaries. The NYNYN won't be the same without them. We love them, we will miss them, and we expect them to accomplish many wonderful things in the future.

Elder Palmer, Elder Porter, Elder Coleman, Elder Cook, Elder Stahehli, Elder Christensen, Elder Sprunt, Elder Gleason, Elder Gamble, Elder Cruz, Elder Bailey, Elder Romo, Elder Nelson, Elder Linton, Elder Hurst, Elder McCulloch, Elder Buckley, Elder Reedy, Elder Durham, Sister Mitchell, Sister Wilkes, Sister Matthews
Signing the farewell table cloth
We are so grateful for great assistants!

Loyal to the CORE in every way!
These great young men arrive at the Salt Lake airport after 2 full years of honored service!

Elder Durham's dad and mom came to pick him up at the mission home.

We are so blessed to have Elder Duvall join us in the office as an Assistant to the President. Elder Duvall and Elder Smith will be wonderful together!

We love to get new couples that come to our mission. Elder and Sister Hsieh from Taiwan will be serving as an MLS couple in Middletown.
Elder and Sister Goo will be serving in China Town as an MLS couple. They are from Laie, Hawaii.
We continue to be amazed at all the many tasks our office couples handle. Our mission runs more smoothly because they are here.

Our love and appreciation to the Hunt's, Wilson's, and Gardner's
We had such a huge transfer this month with 22 going home then 20 coming in. We have wonderful trainers called to help these new missionaries.
Train the Trainer meeting
On January 6th, 2015 we picked up 17 new missionaries at the Westchester County Airport. They are a terrific new group of young women and young men.

Just a little instruction about support cards, i-pads, and staying healthy
Elder Harris, Elder Stewart, Elder Richards, Elder Bentley, Elder Leigh, Elder Hinckley, Elder Price, Elder Eggleston,
Elder Henrie, Elder Hilton, Elder Miller, Elder Matheson, Elder Cordon. Sister Burnell, Sister Spendlove, Sister Tzeng, Sister Quackenbush
New missionaries at the transfer meeting
When the trainers meet their new missionary for the first time, it's a pretty wonderful sight!

On January 13th, 2015 we were joined by Elder Phillips who will be serving in China Town and  Elder Gallardo serving in Middletown.
Elder Phillips with his trainers Elder Leishman and Elder Atkinson showing their traditional Chinatown sign!
Elder Gallardo with his new trainer Elder Jimenez
Finally one week later on January 21st,  Elder Zeng joined our mission. He is from California. He speaks Dutch, Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
Elder Hogenson, Elder Zeng and Elder Oldroyd on their way to Stamford, Conn.
We had a special transfer come to the NYNYN all the way from the Rome, Italy Mission. Elder Sam Burton is serving in our mission while his brother Elder Ben Burton has been serving in Italy. We were able to pick up Elder Ben at JFK and he came to our mission to serve with his little brother for a few days as full time missionaries. It was so great to watch such a sweet reunion between these 2 brothers after being apart for 2 years.
Waiting for Elder Burton from Italy
What a trio this will be for a few days. Elder L'Esperance, Elder Burton and Elder Burton
Cute brothers!

This month has been one of the busiest ones yet. The weeks seemed to have flown by with all the training meetings, large group going home, specialty trainings, and missionaries coming all month long. We have also had some pretty amazing snow storms. The Blizzard of 2015 shut down everything for a day. We are grateful that all our missionaries are safe after this cold weather.

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