Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013

We are loving the summer in New York. We continue to see amazing growth with each new missionary. All the Elders and Sisters in the New York New York North Mission are a great blessing to those they teach.
New missionary trainers are called every transfer to train those who are coming. We trust them and know that they will teach and love the new missionaries.
We are so thankful for our assistants Elder Wilsher and Elder Hajje
We received 19 more new missionaries this transfer and each one of them is ready to serve.

Elders Richards, Thompson, Smith, Christensen, Hausenfluck,Longo, Powell, Hall, Alivio, Schneider, Diaz-Vita, Neuerburg, Whittaker, Henriques, Stafford. Sisters Matthews, Wilkes, Tung and Barker are joined us in New York.

A couple of weeks after transfers we had Elder Radford join our growing mission and he was assigned to China Town.
Elder Radford and his trainer, Elder Cook

It's always a bitter sweet time when wonderful faithful missionaries return home. We know they have marvelous things ahead of them!
Sister Chan and Sister Chen left us this month for a 3 month mini mission in the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. They will be a huge blessing to Temple Square.
Elder Hajje, Sister Lee, Sister Otukolo, Sister Lotulelei, Elder Nogueira
We will miss Sister Chen and Sister Chan; but we know they will be blessed as they serve in Utah.
Mission Leadership Council July 2013

We also said good-bye to Elder and Sister Denison. They will be missed in the office and by every missonary here, including us!

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