Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Missionary News

This rainy June has made our mission beautiful. The trees are full of green leaves and the Azaleas, Dogwoods, and now the Hydrangeas fill the air. Street vendors are out with coco helado and street food. The first of June was the only Yankees game on P-Day for the whole season and the New York North missionaries filled the stands. What a sight to see all those beautiful faces in the stands.
Sister Aguirre and Sheet study on the subway to the game.

Elder Gleason, Richards, and Ishikawa


Elder World & Fox so stylin' Elder Picoli can't believe it!


This cycle is an Interview Cycle, so all the missionaries have been meeting with the President.
Elder Coleman, Elder Encarnacion, and Elder Ordaz
Elder Encarnacion from Texas came in mid-cycle to join Elder Coleman and Ordaz in Kingsbridge. Elder Ryan, left in a whirlwind for his assignment in Australia, Vietnamese speaking. He had 1 1/2 hour to pack. Elder Lee left for Brazil on July 1st.

Elder Potter, Elder Lee, and Elder Garibay
President Freihofner, President Morgan, and President Turley

We also said good-bye to President Turley (President Morgan's counselor) and his family. They are moving to Arizona. He was a wonderful leader for our missionaries.

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