Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013

August is HOT AND HUMID in New York, but our missionaries don't complain, they just keep on going!
Elder Fotheringham joined our ASL missionaries on August 6th
ASL Elders Marshall, Davenport, Malm, Fotheringham and Sims

Our mission leadership council is a great blessing to everyone in our mission. We appreciate all the hard work our assistants, zone leaders and sister training leaders do.
We are especially thankful for Elder and Sister McCallister who serve so faithfully in our office.

Sisters Dalley, Brog, Weyandt, Sorensen, MacKay, and Woo will be training this transfer.
Elders Poulsen, Gamble, Satchwell, Ordaz, Kohli, Atwood, Kia, Stephens, Gonzales, Montierth, Kroff, Fronk, Reedy, Encarnacion, and Ritter

This month's transfer was even larger than last month. We are so lucky to have 20 new missionaries coming to serve with us.

Elder Duvall, Elder Burr, Elder Diaz, Elder Helvey, Elder White, Elder Larkin, Elder Ratliff, ElderAllred, Elder Edwards, Elder Steiner, Elder Johnson, Elder Cooper, Elder Geisel, Elder Wagner
Sister Mitchell, Sister King, Sister Hoyos, Sister Tirado, Sister Toronto

Just as soon as you get new missionaries, it's time for the next group to go back home.
Sister Johnson, Sister Broderick, Sister Portugal, Sister Kindlespire, Elder Conlon, Elder Mok, Elder Lartey, and Elder Bartlett will be missed. They have blessed our mission!

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  1. Oh my word we looked so sleepy in the picture......

    But really. Thank you Sister Morgan being a great mission mom.