Sunday, March 22, 2015

Zone Conference March 1025

We had 3 wonderful days of Zone Conferences this March. We spent Tuesday in Ossining, Thursday in the Bronx, and Friday in the City. We were so happy to President Dave Checketts, from the Yorktown Stake came and talk to the missionaries on Tuesday. He is a great friend and an inspired leader. We welcomed Elder Dale and Sister Nancy Braithwaite to conference. Elder Braithwaite is our Area Medical Adviser. The Braithwaite's are faithful servants and spent so much of their time talking to the missionaries about health issues and just being their friends. Elder Braithwaite talked about being a young missionary himself in Holland and then gave some great advice about athletes foot and keeping your feet clean. Sister Nancy Braithwaite is a ball of energy. She talked about getting good exercise every day. I love this quote that she shared, "If you do something out of duty it will deplete you; but if you do something out of love it will energize you!" This applies to so many aspects of mission life, especially being obedient to exercise every day! She also adapted our mission motto: Loyal to the CORE can also mean Complete Obedience to Regular Exercise.

Elder Gardner, our Vehicle Coordinator also spoke each morning about the care and upkeep of  mission cars. We're so grateful for Elder and Sister Gardners. They're experienced, kind and hard working.

We issued new i-pads to the  mission at zone conference. Every missionary turned in their old i-pad and received a new one. These i-pads will be their own to use in the mission and to take home. It is such a blessing to be an online proselyting mission. We have seen so many blessings come to the NYNYN through using digital tools and apps as well as social media.

It's always so wonderful to see every missionary and feel of their love and dedication tot he work. The young men and young women of the NYNYN are valiant servants.

Elder and Sister Braithwaite

President Dave Checketts, Yorktown Stake President

Elder Gardner is a TiWi convert!
       We LOVE all 240 missionaries!!

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