Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Devotional Rehearsals

We were excited about our all mission Christmas Devotional this year. We have the most talented missionaries around. Sister Mari Toronto put together a magnificent program! Sister Tessa Palmer was her assistant and worked so hard helping and making arrangements. Sister Morgan Matthews, Sister Denise Ng and Elder Spencer Jessee played the piano. Brother Bill Darger (of the Westchester 1st ward and our good friend) played the organ. We had a string quartet that was amazing. Elder Jacob Nielson on the cello, Elder Chandler Gallego, Elder Hayden Kroff, and Sister Emily Livingston on the violins. Our all mission choir was terrific.
Soprano: Sisters--Ashlee Keeling, Megan Brower, Savannah Astle, Melissa Smith, Eliza Smith, Marissa Groberg, Aubrianne Boseman
Alto: Sisters--Whitney Nielson, Cecelia Wilkes, Alicia Card, Rebecca Vincent, Melanie Hall, Cozette Cookson, Ann Terry, Carolyn Redford, Alyssa Roberts
Tenor: Elders--Stuart Gagnon, Ben Wilkins, Keni Reid, Michael Christensen, Joseph Sevy, Madison Hurst, Robert Christensen, Zackary Fronk, Carlos Glick
Bass: Elders--Caleb Aston, Carlos Longo, Daniel Hincapie, David Diaz, Robert Wagner, Jared Hogenson, Jacob Merrell, Aubert L'Esperance, Sam Sorensen
We are so thankful for all the efforts, planning, practicing and rehearsing which everyone participated in so that we could all enjoy the program together!

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