Monday, June 30, 2014

June is wonderful!

June has been a wonderful month in the NYNYN! This month hasn't been too hot or too humid. We know that humidity will come; so we have been grateful for sunny days and cooler nights. Our mission is doing so well. We have loyal, obedient missionaries who work hard. We have been averaging 1700 lessons taught each week. We feel blessed by the dedication and devotion of all our missionaries. We were able to attend some wonderful baptisms this month including the Cotillo family who were baptized in New Rochelle.
Elder Jensen and Elder Ritter have been such a blessing in the lives of Brother and Sister Cotillo and their 11 year old son who was baptized.
We said good-bye to the Peterson's. They have been serving in the Church Public Affairs office in NYC. They are wonderful and we loved hearing all about the many people they have met from all over the world while they have served here!
Lunch at Big Nicks with the Petersons, The Bears and the other departing missionaries

Elder and Sister Sowby are here now to serve with the Public Affairs office. Elder and Sister Waterman also have just arrived and are serving in Olmstead. We always love spending time with the dedicated couples who serve there.
President and Sister Morgan; Sister and Elder Sowby
Elder and Sister Waterman
We recently had a couples retreat to the Presidential Library of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Everyone enjoyed seeing the Library and home of the FDR. We had a delicious lunch at a German restaurant called Travelers Rest.
(from left to right)Elder and Sister Powell, Tappen, Howes, Peterson, Clark, Christensen, Draper, Lotz, Pead, Finlayson and Bear. Some of the fabulous couples who serve here!
We had another huge transfer this month. We welcomed 18 new missionaries. 11 Elders and 7 Sisters. Our mission home was filled to the brim! Transfers are always an exciting and busy time in the mission.
Elder Ribeiro, Elder Jimenez, Elder Moss, Elder Christensen, Elder Richan, Elder Prestwich , Elder Teixeira, Elder Nelson, Elder Smith, Elder Ford, Elder Salceda    Sister Brower, Sister Checketts, Sister Tanner, Sister Vincent , Sister Rasmussen, Sister Redford, Sister Vicino
We are so happy to have Elder Coleman join us as a new Assistant to President Morgan. He is a dedicated young man and a good missionary. Elder Kerr and Elder Taylor will both go home in the next transfer so Elder Coleman will have a few weeks to get some awesome training from them!
Transfer meetings are the perfect time to sustain new leaders.
We are so blessed to have the happy young men serving as AP's!!
Thank you Elder Jeff Kerr, Elder Mickey Taylor and Elder Nathan Coleman for your endless hours of service every day to our missionaries! We couldn't do this without these amazing assistants!
Not only do they work hard in training and supporting us and our missionaries. The Assistants become part of our family and are such good friends to Ryan. We are so grateful for these "brothers" in his life!
Elder Taylor, Ryan and Elder Kerr

This month was special for our family as we celebrated 2 years in New York. Every day has brought a new blessing and a new challenge and we have loved it all! This month was especially wonderful when Ryan graduated from Scarsdale High School. We are so proud of him and feel blessed that he has been here with us for these past 2 years. He has worked so hard at school. He's made some good friends, and he has been our right hand man at home with the busy ins and outs of missionary life!!
Our 9 returning missionaries have been terrific. Elder Passmore, Elder Pawlowski, Elder Pickard, Elder Richards, Elder Atwood, Elder Kohli, Elder McEachern, Elder Murray, and Sister Chan have served faithfully in the NYNYN! We love them all and will miss them and wish them all the best that future has to offer!! Elder and Sister Bear will be returning home to Arizona in July. We loved having them with us at the temple today. They have been a great blessing to the Mission Office.
"For worthy friends whose lives proclaim devotion to the Savior's name."
Beautiful Summer morning to send these missionaries home to their families.
We love you, Sister Chan!

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