Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

May is such a beautiful month in New York. Everything is green again, the flowers are blooming and the sun shines almost every day! Our mission this month has had a challenge of having 100 baptisms. Our missionaries have worked so hard and done such a fabulous job in finding, teaching and baptizing. We even had one record week when our mission taught 1700 lessons! This month has been terrific for baptisms and bringing wonderful new members into the church. We ended the month with 60 baptisms. We were able to be the member present family during some lessons. We learned a lot and we learned that our missionaries can really teach the gospel with power. We are so proud of each missionary and their efforts to work hard this month and take President Morgan's challenge to heart!
Elder Powell teaching a lesson in Spanish. 
Elder Gore and Elder Powell at a lesson in Manhattan.
Carlos Fusco, one of our assistants came back to NYC for one day. We were lucky to see him and spend a little time with him. He is a wonderful young man and a great example of a missionary. He had one day in Manhattan and he attended church then visited a less active member that he had met here and taught a lesson to them. It's great to see returned missionaries still active in the work.
Always a favorite!!
We had our third Mission Tour at the end of May 2014. We were thrilled to have Elder and Sister Steven Snow come to visit our mission. Elder Snow is the Church Historian. They were both wonderful. We enjoyed having them stay in our home and meet Ryan. We spent 2 full days having them teach and train our missionaries. The couples prepared delicious lunches both days and we LOVED seeing all our missionaries and feeling of their incredible spirits! We are so blessed!
President Morgan, Ryan, Elder and Sister Snow

Elder Murray is such a fabulous musician!
What are we going to do with Elder Lee and Elder Ishikawa?!
We are so proud of Elder Lopez-Carpio, his English is improving so much. Elder Higbee has been working really hard teaching him. This cute boy from Spain, answered Elder Snow's question to him all in English!
Elder Thing 1 and Elder Thing 2 (Elders Jesse and Elder Steiner and their matching ties!)

Elder and Sister Snow wanted to personally greet each missionary. What a treat for our mission!
Cute Cousin Companions. Elder Palmer and Elder McEachern
We always sing Happy Birthday to anyone who has had a birthday for the last quarter when we have a Mission Tour or a Zone Conference. Anyone who has had a birthday over those 3 months gets a candy bar.
We had over 100 birthdays in the mission for April, May and June!

These cute missionaries really LOVE being together!!
Our amazing Office Elders: Elder Snow and Elder Smith!
We couldn't do anything without our two Assistants. Elder Kerr and Elder Taylor are exceptional! They are capable, fun-loving, organized, spiritual young man! Thank you for your tireless service!!
The NYNY North Mission has the best missionaries around! Each Zone works hard! We Love the NYNYN!
China Town
South Manhattan
Central Manhattan
 North Manhattan
This Mission Tour was GREAT! We are so thankful for Elder and Sister Snow for spending these 2 days with us!

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