Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 2012 in New York

This month in the mission was a crazy one. We LOVED watching General Conference here with some of our missionaries and even had a waffle party at the mission home in between sessions. We were able to attend a wonderful mission presidents conference in Kirkland, Ohio and really loved seeing the sights there. It was also great so see the other couples that we were in the MTC with. Then Hurricane Sandy hit! The mission home was out of power for 13 days! It never gets boring out here!!
We had 2 new ASL missionaries come and they have added a good feeling to this wonderful district. Elder Pemberton and Elder Marshall will be great here.

Autumn in Ohio

Beautiful Kirtland Temple

Our dear friends Mark and Karlan Richards of the Baltimore Maryland mission. It is a huge blessing for us to be serving at the same time!

When the hurricane hit we lost power at the mission home and didn't have any power for the next 13 days. We had a generator to run  the fridge and a few lights. We were so thankful that all our missionaries were OK. Only a few missionaries lost power in the city for a couple of days. Ryan was out of school for almost 2 weeks. It was quite an experience!!

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