Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Power comes on in November 2012

WOW! 13 days without power has been a challenge. We even had a transfer during this time. 12 new missionaries came to the mission home and we gave them all a flashlight and told them to go find a bed to sleep in. Thank goodness for a crockpot that could cook dinner! The generator was such a blessing during all this; and we only had to wait in line for gasoline for about 1 1/2 hours to refuel the tanks. It will be a transfer that we won't forget. Testimony meeting by the fire and with candles was a special time.
Elder Griffiths, Elder Orellana, Sister Richardson, Sister Peterson, Sister Lancaster, Elder Golding, Elder Warner, Elder Meek, Elder Kerr, Elder Stokes, Elder Lee and Elder Vanner

Our first snowfall came on the night of transfers when 11 of our wonderful missionaries were headed home. The snow was beautiful, even without any power here. We love these valiant servants who weathered the storms of all their mission experiences.
Elder Nevarez, Elder Kropf,  Elder Meadows, Elder Miller, Elder Goode, Elder Richards, Elder Fairborne, Elder Wendel, Elder Lima, Elder Fontella and Sister Gao

The rest of November 2012 was spent in the clean-up from Hurricane Sandy. It was a great blessing for all of us to be able to go to the NYNY South Mission and help on many, many different days. Most of our time was spent in the Rock-a-Ways area of Long Island. The Wards and Stakes from our mission were able to give many hours of service in the clean-up.
NYNY North and NYNY South Missions UNITED! We love President and Sister Calderwood and their family who helped to organize this amazing and overwhelming effort!

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