Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014 Zone Conferences

We had a GREAT round of Zone Conferences in November. Sister Morgan asked the question, "Do you know the shepherd?" President Morgan was able to answer dozens of questions that missionaries always have like..."What is the real mission rule on music?" "How come mission life is so hard?" "When do I know that I really feel the spirit?"  President Morgan always knows how to address everything in a very loving, kind way.
After our morning session, we divided the missionaries into different groups of 8, and we gave them 45 mins. to script a video on, "Why do I believe?" They ate lunch in their groups and then ran off to make a video. The missionaries had to do 4 things in each video.
#1 Include everyone in your group
#2 Use 3 scriptures
#3 Use the theme in your video
#4 Have fun!
After an hour, everyone came back to the cultural hall for popcorn and sodas and we watched each movie. This was such a positive activity. It was wonderful to watch missionaries work together with a common goal in mind. They met new people in the mission and recognized each others strengths. They were very creative. They began with a prayer, made a plan, had a purpose, had an end goal in sight and accomplished their goals. Sounds a lot like every day missionary life!! It was a huge success.
We are ever grateful for these amazing Elders and Sisters, young and old, who bless the NYNYN every day!

Juan Pina from the Bronx loves to be around the missionaries. He loves zone conferences and we  love him!!

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