Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

It's hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end. The days, weeks, and months seem to fly by in the mission.
The Westchester zone came over to the mission home for lunch after a 2 day "car fast". We had 8 car accidents in just 2 weeks, so President Morgan insisted on no cars on the roads for 2 days and a 1 day weekly mandatory car fast from now on. "Missionaries in cars are invisible". For 2 full days, missionaries were seen walking all over or riding bikes throughout the mission. It's been a great chance for the members to help take the missionaries where they need to go and for communities to see missionaries out working.

About every 6 months we have been able to a joint Mission Leadership Council with the NYNY South mission. We love President and Sister Calderwood and their missionaries. Our MLC really enjoys getting together and sharing ideas and thoughts. We loved brainstorming on ways of finding, planning and using Facebook to teach the gospel.

Sister Calderwood of the NYNYS mission and President Morgan

Assistants in the NYNYN and NYNYS Missions

The Morgans and the Calderwoods

2 weeks after the new missionaries come we have a New Missionary Training. These young men and young women are great.

This month we gladly welcomed 3 new ASL missionaries. These are dedicated young men and will be a great help to our ASL program.

Elder Fotheringham and Elder Filoso will train Elder Crockett, Elder Turner and Elder Holloway
Sister Terry and Sister Jansen have come to serve in the Records Preservation Program in Goshen. We are glad they're here. We were able to meet them and take them to dinner in Monticello with the McNairy's and their district.
Sister Terry
Sister Jansen

We attended a temple session with our Area Authority, Elder Olsen and the mission Presidents from the 3 missions in the area. The Morgans, the Calderwoods and the new mission President in the Morristown, NJ mission, the Taggarts. Sister Taggart (Jane Driggs Taggart) and Sister Morgan grew up in the same ward in Salt Lake City, Utah.
President and Sister Calderwood, Elder Olsen, President and Sister Taggart

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