Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sister's Conference - February 2014

We had an awesome day with every sister in our mission together. We have the most amazing and dedicated sisters who serve here in the NYNYN mission! It was such a blessing to watch each sister, young or older, mingle together and express their love for each other and for their missions.
We had two beautiful musical numbers from sisters in the China Town zone, North Manhattan zone, and Westchester zone. Each group sang in the different languages spoken in their zones. It was very touching. We had Sister Jill Friehofner and Sister Maryelen Brown speak to the sisters. President and Sister Morgan both spoke also. We gave each sister a silver chain with a NYNYN logo pendant on it.
We love each and every one of our sisters. They are beautiful daughters of God and women of faith.
Sister Lotz and Sister Maryelen Brown

Sister Jill Freihofner and her darling daughter Charlotte
We had a wonderful lunch of a huge salad bar for all 100 sisters and I made 200 homemade heart shaped sugar cookies for each sister to frost and decorate for dessert. The tables looked so cute all decorated with hearts, cookies, frosting and sprinkles.
We were so lucky to have our friend Shannon Call and her darling baby Axel there to help today. We couldn't have done it without her. The Call's have become our adopted family in New York. Thanks also to Ryan, he is a huge help with anything that we do. We're so blessed to have Ryan here with us!

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