Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013

The fall is BEAUTIFUL in New York!! We have LOVED watching the leaves change!! Last year we had Hurricane Sandy and we were without power for 13 long days.  This year we have been able to go on walks and drive all over to see the beauty that this season brings!

Our month started with transfers. We had new missionaries coming in every Tuesday for 3 weeks.
October 1st Sister Randell, Sister Arquero, Sister Kim, Sister Livingston, Sister Dodson, Elder Paiz and Elder Schoenfeld came to our mission. Then on October 8th Sister Astle , Sister Palmer, Elder Atkinson, and Elder Aston, all arrived to serve in China Town and the ASL branch.

Sister Chen and Sister Chan were reunited with us from there mini mission at the Salt Lake Temple Square mission.
Elder Hincapie arrived on October 15th. We were excited that he arrived on his birthday!
Happy Birthday Elder Hincapie with his new companions, Elder  Diaz and Elder Conner.
Elder Wisher was released this transfer as an Assistant and Elder Passmore was called to take his place. We love Elder Wilsher, he has served faithfully and we welcome Elder Passmore to serve with Elder Foley.
These 4 sister missionaries have blessed our mission every day that they have been here! We will miss Sister Aguirre, Sister Richey, Sister Lavaki, and Sister Woo! You have changed many lives here!
Having a waffle party between General Conference sessions has become a favorite tradition for the Westchester Zone to come to the mission home.

This was such a busy month, but a happy one. We had zone conferences for 3 days at the end of the month. All the talks given were inspiring and the musical talent in our mission is just amazing. These are the fabulous missionaries who shared their talents this time.
Sister Astle
Sister Wankier
Elder Foley
Elder Diaz-Vita
Sister  Jensen
Sister McCurdy
Sister Livingston with Sister Matthews
Sister Cole with Sister Bolton
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have a tradition of making homemade donuts and were lucky that some missionaries came over to share them with us! 


  1. You both look fantastic! And so do all the missionaries!

  2. What's your recipe for the donuts? They look amazing!