Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March comes in with a roar!

March sure came in with a roar this year. We were blessed to have 40 missionaries come to New York this transfer.(this includes 3 elders that came at the end of February) It's the largest transfer that we have heard about coming to one mission anywhere in the USA. We had to hire a large bus to transport everyone and their luggage to our ward building for dinner and testimony meeting. Then we had the bus drive them all to a hotel that is close by for a good nights sleep. Our little Westchester County airport was overrun with these great missionaries!

Elders Gleason, Palmer, Critchfield, McCulloch, Price, Reynolds, Sullivan, Kroff, Porter, Kia,Jensen, Sevy, Powell, Hurst, Reedy, Ficklin, Buckley, Jensen, Cook, Cruz, Christensen, Rydalch, Gamble, Coleman, Linton, Durham, Nelson, Bailey.          Our Sisters Richeson, Skinner, Stringham, Barlow, Lee, MacKay, Cole, and Makanesi

We were so excited when our good friends the Hancocks came to visit. Ashley, TJ, Sherry and Larry Hancock joined us for a session of Zone conference.  We were able to have TJ bear his testimony to all the missionaries and they could really feel his special spirit!
We LOVE being with our missionaries. We had some wonderful days of Zone Conference this month.
Returning home this month was a group of faithful, happy missionaries!
Sister Rogers, Elders Scaife, Kay, Sorensen, Peterson, Stratton, Babba, Bartleson, McCullum, Head, Lewis, Mattei, Eliason, Topham, and Smith

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